گروه آموزشی زبان انگلیسی ساوه - نمونه تست پیش دانشگاهی درس 3

گروه آموزشی زبان انگلیسی ساوه


نمونه تست پیش دانشگاهی درس 3

Lesson 3

A: Vocabulary

1. Some people believe that certain types of clothes            their appearance.

a. reduce               b. recycle              c. enhance             d. expect

2. It's best to cook vegetable in a small            of water.

a. degree               b. depth                c. pattern               d. amount

3. It seems a good idea, but without knowing all the facts it's hard to         .

a. judge                 b. react                  c. distract              d. create     

4. One way to help protect our environment is to       things like bottles and newspapers.

a. decrease            b. recycle              c. increase             d. pollute

5. There is a lot of concern about the effects of            on health.

a. extinction           b. pollution            c. occasion            d. production

6. Parents try to create a happy home           for their children to grow up in.

a. temperature        b. statement         c. environment       d. guarantee

7. In September, these birds migrate 2000 miles south to a warmer           .

a. field                   b. climate              c. greenhouse        d. ocean 

8. In developed countries, trash believed to be           is burned to produce energy.

a. similar                b. popular             c. useless              d. harmful

9. The greenhouse effect            by human activities is dangerous for the planet.

a. enhanced           b. guaranteed         c. heated              d. polluted

10. Factories burning coal and oil help           pollution and put our lives in danger.

a. damage              b. increase             c. destroy             d. include

11. My main            about moving to Tehran is the cost of housing.

a. damage              b. exhaust              c. concern             d. fact

12. The study shows a relationship between lung diseases and air             .

a. atmosphere        b. wildlife              c. pollution            d. extinction

13. The test shows that the           of iron in her blood is too low.

a. rise                    b. period               c. case                  d. level

14. Is there any            reason why he doesn't want to come to the meeting?

a. particular           b. useless              c. effective            d. wonderful

15. As you get older,            weight puts a lot of pressure on the heart.

a. effective             b. reduced             c. excess               d. useless

16. Car           is the main reason for the city's pollution.

a. station               b. exhaust              c. fossil                 d. greenhouse

17. Can you give me a /an          that the work will be completed by the end of the week?

a. material              b. guarantee                    c. item                   d. cost

18. We want clean rivers and lakes, where you can swim without          to your health.

a. contrast             b. inaction             c. pollution            d. risk

19. The plane            speed as it neared the airport.

a. reduced             b. produced          c. defined              d. enhanced

20. The strategy you have chosen could           more problems than it solves.

a. cause                 b. solve                 c. stop                  d. trap  

21. In near future,           energy can be used to heat homes and to make electricity.

a. passive              b. regional             c. solar                  d. windy

B: Structure

1. The man          next door is a famous doctor.

a. that live              b. living                 c. to live                d. lived

2. The building             in the fire has now been rebuilt.

a. destroying          b. was destroying c. was destroyed   d. destroyed

3. I don't like the stories           happy endings.

a. having                b. have                  c. had                    d. has

4. Some of the people             by the police have been released.

a. catching             b. to catch             c. caught               d. that are catching

5. His father works for a company            washing machines.

a. make                 b. made                 c. making              d. that is made

6. A dictionary is a useful book            you the meaning of words.

a. given                 b. gave                  c. giving                d. by giving

7. It seems the earth is only planet            life.

a. supporting         b. that support       c. supported          d. support

8. We've spent all our money. We've got a little               .

a. leaving               b. that leaves         c. left                     d. that left

9. The police never found the money              in the robbery.

a. to steal               b. stolen                c. stealing              d. stole

10. The girl            in the accident was taken to hospital.

a. injuring              b. that injured        c. injured               d. to injure

11. Some of the people            to the party can't come.

a. inviting               b. invited               c. to invite             d. that invited

12. Bottles and cans               to be useless can be recycled.

a. believed             b. to believe          c. believing            d. that believe

13. A new factory                500 people has just opened in the town.

a. employed           b. employing         c. is employing      d. has employed

14. The window              in the storm last night has now been repaired.

a. to break             b. breaking            c. broken              d. broke

15. What was the name of the man            by the police?

a. catching             b. was caught        c. to catch             d. who was caught

16. The company sent me a catalogue            all the information I needed.

a. contained          b. that containing   c. to contain          d. containing

17. There was a big red car            outside the door.

a. parking              b. to park              c. parked               d. that parked

18. The strategy           to control pollution in Tehran is not effective.

a. planned              b. planning            c. which planned    d. which is planning

19. The road            the two villages is not wide enough.

a. joins                  b. joined                c. joining               d. will be joined

20. Who were those people           outside?

a. waiting               b. waited               c. that wait             d. who will wait

21. Do you know the woman              to Masoud?

a. talked                b. talking               c. were talking       d. who were talked                     

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